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RUN, CYCLE, or TRI to the finish line in your “Fueled by Beef” or “Fuel for the Finish” tops and reap the rewards.


  • Submitting a Participation Form on the Beef Team website IS REQUIRED prior to each Sponsored Race.
  • 15 Prime Cuts points are awarded for the completion of each Sponsored Race.
  • To receive credit, official Beef Team apparel (“Fueled By Beef” or “Fuel For the Finish” tops) must be visibly worn on the outer layer of event attire for the entire duration of each race. Exceptions to the outer layer guideline may be granted when wearing a Beef Loving Texans poncho or a clear, see-through poncho over Beef Team apparel during rainy events. Be careful that hydration backpacks do not cover the front of your jersey!
  • Beef Team polo shirts and Eddie Bauer jackets are not considered valid apparel for races.
  • All Sponsored Races occur within the state of Texas.
  • There is no limitation to the amount or Prime Cuts points members can accumulate in this category each calendar year.
  • In the event of an unforeseen cancellation of a race, or unforeseen circumstance that prevents the member from completing the race, Prime Cuts points will not be awarded.


  • All guidelines above apply with the following exception.
  • Kids may submit smaller distances for Sponsored races than adults. If a kid completes a distance (1K, Family run) not listed on the site, simply submit it as the smallest distance option available.


  1. *This step is essential! BEFORE each race, submit a “Participation Form“. This can also be found through each event page under Events. Registration becomes unavailable on the day of the race (register at least a day prior).
  2. Within thirty (30) days AFTER the race, “Submit a Report“. Direct links can be found within your list of Sponsored Races on your Overview page. You must fill out all required information including attaching a photo, bib number, and your race results URL in order to submit.
  3. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the processing and approval of your Sponsored Race.

Submit a Report

Please allow 2-4 weeks for the processing and approval of your activity.

Submit a Report