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Complete a Race

RUN, CYCLE, or TRI to the finish line in your “Fueled by Beef” or “Fuel for the Finish” tops and reap the rewards.


  • 10 Prime Cuts points are awarded for the completion of a Non-sponsored Race.
  • A Non-sponsored Race – includes any run/walk, cycle, or triathlon event that meets ALL of the following criteria:
    1. Minimum 3.1 race miles (5k) with designated start/finish location(s).
    2. Open to the general public (i.e., no closed-group events).
    3. Run/walk and triathlon events must be chip or gun timed with results publicly posted online for a minimum of 60 days after the event. Note: Cycling events are excluded from this guideline.
    4. Online registration is required (by the event, not the Beef Team). Registration must capture the full name and email address of each participant to allow discoverable race times.
    5. Event details must be publicly accessible online and include:
      – Event date
      – Event location
      – Route details
      – Start time
      – Contact information for the event coordinator
  • Virtual races and self-guided tours are not valid for Beef Team credit.
  • To receive Prime Cuts points, valid Beef Team apparel (“Fueled By Beef” or “Fuel For the Finish” tops) must be visibly worn on the outer layer of event attire for the entire duration of each race. Exceptions to the outer layer guideline may be granted when wearing a Beef Loving Texans poncho or a clear, see-through poncho over valid Beef Team apparel during rainy events. Be careful that hydration backpacks do not cover the front of your jersey!
  • Beef Team polo shirts and Eddie Bauer jackets are not considered valid apparel for Non-Sponsored Races.
  • Out-of-state races are valid for Non-sponsored Race Prime Cuts points.
  • In the event of an unforeseen cancellation of a race, or unforeseen circumstance that prevents the member from completing the race, Prime Cuts points will not be awarded.
  • There is no limitation to the amount or Prime Cuts points members can accumulate in this category each calendar year.


  • All guidelines above apply with the following exceptions/additions.
  • Kids may submit smaller distances than adults (1K, Family run). Kids may also submit ANY physical activity with the exception of required school PE.
    • Definition of any physical activity – 1 race/competition/meet (any physical activity) = one form for 10 points. Please do not submit school PE time.
      • Ex: Finished the Austin Kid’s Race (1 race) = one form for 10 points
      • Ex: Played soccer with neighborhood friends (1 activity) = one form for 10 points
      • Ex: Went on a hike with dad (1 activity) = one form for 10 points
  • These activities may also include seasonal training in a group or specialty class that meets regularly for 3+ months.
    • Definition of “3 months training or specialty” – Includes year-round sports. If the sport is year-round, fill out a new form every 3 months for multiple credits. This includes all practices, recitals, competitions, and games. These will be counted for 50 points each.
      • Ex: Football season August-November (4 months) = one form for 50 points
      • Ex: Ballet is year-round (12 months) = 4 forms for 50 points each
  • Please add as many notes as possible when filling out the form. If you are not sure whether an activity will count, please email Amy at before completing the activity or filling out the form.
  • All forms will automatically award kids with 10 points, but Amy will change points manually according to the rubric above upon approval.


  • Submitting a Participation Form on the Beef Team website is NOT REQUIRED prior to a Non-Sponsored Race. However, it is optional so you can track your upcoming Non-sponsored races.
  • WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER THE RACE, “Submit a Report“. You must fill out all required information including attaching a photo, bib number, and results URL in order to submit.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for the processing and approval of your Non-Sponsored Race.