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Event Bag Inserts

Educate your community on the benefits of beef in a healthy lifestyle through the distribution of informational handouts and giveaways.


  • 5 Prime Cuts points are awarded for the coordination to fill race packets or special event bags with a race event coordinator.
  • Event bag inserts include:  Texas Favorites Recipe Cards, Steak Seasoning Packets, and the “Protein. Feel the Difference.” brochure. Modifications may be provided to accommodate themed events or preserve TBC inventory.
  • Kid-friendly items and/or white plastic bags to store all of the event’s donated items are also available upon request.
  • Event Bag Inserts Prime Cuts points will become invalid when complete orders of unused event bag inserts are returned to TBC. Partial order returns remain valid for points. For example, points remain valid when 2 boxes of unused items are returned from an original order with 6 boxes.
  • Beef Team members are not eligible for Event Bag Inserts Prime Cuts points for events sponsored by TBC (e.g., Healthy Kids Running Series and Marathon Kids).
  • There is no limitation to the number of points members can accumulate in this category yearly.


  • 3+ weeks PRIOR to the event, coordinate the bag inserts with the event coordinator (not TBC staff). Be sure to define:
    (1) The number of bags the event intends to fill.
    (2) The date the bags will be filled (typically one week prior to the event).
    (3) The mailing address for the items to be delivered.
    (4) The event coordinator’s contact information.
    (5) Any special requests by event coordinator.
  • 2+ weeks prior to the date the bags will be filled, visit Resources to order the materials to be delivered. Add “Event Bag Donations” to your order and change the quantity needed by the event during checkout. Also add “Plastic Bags – Beef Loving Texans” if the event needs bags.
  • *Note: Material orders placed within 14 days prior to the date the bags will be filled are not guaranteed delivery on time.
  • After the materials have been delivered to the event coordinator, Submit a Report.

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Please allow 2-4 weeks for the processing and approval of your activity.

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