Volunteer at an Event

Non-Sponsored Volunteer Event

Earn 10 Points

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Volunteer at an Event

Empower Texans to live healthier lives by volunteering at races and health-related events.


  • A Non-sponsored Volunteer activity includes volunteering at any run/walk, cycle, or triathlon event.
  • 10 Prime Cuts points are awarded for each run/walk, cycle, or triathlon-related non-sponsored volunteer activity. Valid race-related activities must be organized by the event’s volunteer coordinator and assist in the facilitation of event operations. Cheering and/or promoting goods or services that are not dedicated to the event are not valid activities for Prime Cuts points.
  • Non-Sponsored Volunteer activities do not count toward the one (1) Beef Team Sponsored Volunteer Opportunity required each year.
  • Valid Non-Sponsored Volunteer activities must:
    (a) Be a minimum of 2-hours in duration
    (b) Have a minimum of 100 adults in attendance
    (c) Occur within the state of Texas.
  • To receive credit, valid Beef Team apparel (“Fueled By Beef” or “Fuel For the Finish” tops) must be visibly worn on the outer layer of event attire for the entire duration of the volunteer activity. Exceptions to the outer layer guideline may be granted when wearing a Beef Loving Texans poncho or a clear, see-through poncho over valid Beef Team apparel during rainy events.
  • Beef Team polo shirts and Eddie Bauer jackets are permitted to be worn during volunteer events only (not races).
  • There is no limitation to the number of points members can accumulate in this category each calendar year.


  • AFTER the event, Submit a Report. All fields of the form must be filled out in order to submit including a photo of you wearing your official Beef Team gear during the volunteer service.
    • If you completed multiple shifts, please ensure you are capturing unique images at each volunteer shift.
    • If you completed multiple shifts, please use the following format when submitting your forms “Name of Event – Shift #”
      • Example: “Austin Marathon – Shift 2”