Team Member Spotlight

July 2019

Tony Garcia

This month’s featured member is Tony Garcia from San Antonio. He’s been on the Beef Team for two years now and he’s a natural fit any way you slice it. Tony started running nine years ago to lose weight and protect his health, he volunteers extensively within the running community, and he always ups the fun factor at any finish line festival.

Plus, Tony knows his way around beef and we hear rumors that he smokes a mean brisket! When asked what he’s learned about beef since joining, Tony says, “Well, it’s not really a specific skill or piece of information that I’ve learned, although all the educational resources have been very useful and relevant. But, more that the camaraderie and support within our team and the larger beef-loving community is exceptionally amazing!”  

Tony has six marathons under his belt to date, along with an impressive collection other race distance finishes. He’s currently in training to run 26.2 miles in both the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon (12/2019) and the Austin Marathon (2/2020). “I am by no means the fastest guy out there, but my first marathon was a 5:40, and I hope to get back to that one day,” says Tony, who stresses that it’s very important to “run your own race.” He mentions a few running setbacks over the years, but explains, “I’m so used to running now that I just get back up as soon as I can and get after it.”

Read on to learn about this inspirational runner in his own words:

Couple Things You Might Not Know:  1) I am a cancer survivor (had a solitary plasmacytoma tumor on my back 18 years ago);  2) Played in an 80s band and had a few gigs but even more fun;  3) I like to fish.

Favorite Beef Team Memories: All the cheers and support at the 3M Half Marathon water stop manned by Beef Teamers. Also, outside of a race, the Beef Team Retreat was quite a memory, especially the Talent Show and Post Dinner Party.

Favorite Races: I am a fan of the Austin Marathon because it has some of the best support and, for a non-sponsored race, I’d say the La Cruda (The Hangover) 5k in Helotes, Texas because it’s a great way to start off the New Year… and I’m also the race director!

Favorite Cuts of Beef:  Ribeye and Sirloin

Favorite Recipe:  Can’t say I have a “favorite,” but I’m always trying new recipes, rubs, and marinades.

Motivation:  Staying in good health and being with my awesome running friends keep me out there moving.

Inspired By:  I am inspired by everyone who wakes up at the crack of dawn to go out and run in the heat or cold. That takes a lot of self-motivation.

Training Groups:  I train with several groups in San Antonio including The Munster Squad, San Antonio Roadrunners, Brooks Citybase Running, and the Huarache Turbo Group.

Favorite Race Distance:  The half marathon is an awesome distance and offers a great sense of accomplishment at the finish line.

Go-to Race Quote/Mantra:  “Just felt like running” from the Forrest Gump movie.

Pre-Run Food:  For short runs, I eat a banana while for long runs it’s a baked potato with a side of ribeye!

Best Advice:  Run your race and don’t over train.

Favorite Running Shoe: Brooks

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