Team Member Spotlight

January 2024

Charles Hollinger

This month’s Texas Beef Team profile is in fond memory of Chuck Hollinger, a cherished member whose upbeat spirit, friendliness, and infectious smile has inspired us all. 

His wife Mandy, emphasizes how much Chuck valued being part of Texas Beef Team. “He loved all the people on the team and telling others about the benefits of eating beef.” 

Jenn Matison, who created the Texas Beef Team nearly 15 years ago, shares the initial email Chuck sent to her after they met at a a race:

“Jenn, I met three members of the ‘Beef Team’ after a fun run in Florence. Writing to say that exercise enthusiasts are usually fun, open, and supportive people – but after visiting with your Team – I regard them as lifelong friends!

Real people aren’t afraid to acknowledge life’s ups and downs, and you can tell a person’s character by their ‘success and come back stories.’  Finding challenges, becoming competitive, overcoming obstacles, and mastering setbacks – it all determines personal growth.  The important part is sharing what’s important (like optimism and drive).  From perfect strangers to ‘who I want as neighbors’ in a single visit is an uncommon treat!” – Chuck Hollinger

Team members, Cat and Eddie Trevino recollect, “We loved Chuck’s outgoing nature, sense of humor, and how he would always go out of his way to make you feel welcome.” 

Peggy Smith and Carl Rinker, also close Beef Team friends, share “One of Chuck’s most remarkable traits was his ability to connect with people. He had a natural talent for making each person he met feel genuinely valued and heard. Whether it was through his warm smile, his attentive listening, or his wise words, he made a lasting impact on many lives.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hollinger family during this unimaginable time of grief. 

Though Chuck recently crossed the finish line of his race here on Earth, his presence will forever linger in the rhythm of our footsteps on the roads and trails, and echo in the efforts of a job well done.

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