Team Member Spotlight

February 2024

Michael Baumgarn

Michael Baumgarn, Texas Beef Team

Michael Baumgarn is an active member of the Texas Beef Team from Katy, joining in 2016. Michael has run on and off over the years. After retiring from Amazon a few years ago, he recently returned to the sport and is enjoying the journey.

His main motivation to run is to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for as long as possible and says, “As a senior citizen, running and fitness, in general, is ‘use it or lose it.’” 

So, Michael is using it! He currently runs and walks with his wife, Connie, when he can and trains with the Katy-area Running Club. His favorite distance is a 5k because it’s short and sweet, and aspires to be a “better” runner in his age group (65-69). Michael’s next race is a 5k in Katy this February. If he could run any race in the world, it would be the New York City Marathon.

In the race corral and even on every day runs, Michael laces up his favorite Diadora running shoes and pumps himself up with mantras like “Just finish, baby” and quotes like “They call me the breeze, I keep blowing down the road” from Lynyrd Skynyrd. At the top of his running playlist, the song “Invincible” by Pat Benatar keeps him striding along. 

A pre-race fuel-up for Michael would look like some steak the night before and then oatmeal, a banana, and perhaps some peanut butter on whole wheat toast. On the course, he likes energy gummies, like Tropical-punch flavored Clif Bloks. After a hard effort, ice cream is his favorite treat for accomplishing a goal.

When it comes to beef, a good sirloin steak or roast always satisfies this Beef Loving Texan. “A roast on Sunday was always special,” he says, reminiscing about the wonderful smell and memories it created around the family dinner table.

During his tenure on the team, Michael has learned that all cuts of beef offer 10 essential nutrients and amazing flavor to support an active lifestyle at any age. Go Beef!

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