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September 2023

Dalia Bryan

Dalia Bryan, Boerne, TExas

Dalia Bryan, from Boerne, Texas first took up running in junior high school, encouraged by her father. Over the years, she confesses her commitment to running and walking has waxed and waned due to various obligations, interests and life stages. But, she’s happy to be back at it consistently since 2019, and has been a member of the Texas Beef Team for the last two years. 

“It was my Dad who encouraged me to first start running. He even talked me into doing a marathon with him and I started training alongside him, not realizing I could do a marathon or half marathon or even a 10K or 5k,” says Dalia. “To keep me going, he would often tell me , ‘ It’s not about how fast you run, Dalia. Rather, it’s about finishing, because we all run the same distance.’”

Sadly, Dalia’s father passed away a few years ago, but the invaluable lessons of life and running he had imparted are still fresh in her mind. 

“At the 2022 San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon, I wanted to give up,” she says.” I hadn’t raced that long of a distance in years. Every time I wanted to quit, I kept feeling my Dad, in spirit, telling me to keep going, to  finish – and I did!” 

Dalia and her husband, Dennis, have twins, named Cloi and Poni, who are college seniors. She also has another daughter who is 20 years older than her twins, and has three children of her own. The oldest of these grandkids to Dalia ALSO has three children – making Dalia a great-grandmother! They call her “GG.”  

Even though Dalia is officially a great-grandmother, she’s still out there training, walking, and finishing all her races. Staying under one hour is typically her goal for a 5k.   

“Occasionally, I play tennis with my kids,” she shares. “And, I have recently discovered pickleball. Also, I’m trying to add more strength exercises to my everyday routine. My motivation to continue exercising is for my health and mobility. I see so many older women struggling just to walk. I don’t want to be an older person who can’t get around because I have lost so much strength.”  

When it comes to the beef industry and ranching, Dalia knows a thing or two. Her husband and husband’s father have raised cattle on their ranches for years. The last ranch her husband sold was in Blanket, Texas a few years ago, prior to retiring. 

Dalia also has fond memories of what she calls her “Early Days of BBQ”.

”Growing up, I’d visit my grandparents out in the country. There my Dad and Grandpa kept all sorts of animals, like cattle but also pigs, sheep, turkeys, and chickens. My Grandpa worked as a butcher in his earlier years and knew all the cuts and how to get the carcasses ready. So, every fall season, when it cooled off some, they would get a big fire pit going and we would gather to grill up the fresh meat. It was a big family weekend, where everyone came out for good food and a good time.”  

Today, Dalia names her top beef cuts as Filet Mignon and New York Strip Steak. At home she likes to do a roast and if anything is leftover, it goes into a slow cooker with spices or sauce to make tacos or BBQ sandwiches.

Read on to learn more about this member we are proud to have on the team.

Things You Might Not Know: 1) I have a tattoo on my back to cover a scar; 2) I have a 13-year-old American Pit named Cupcake; 3) I like to sew and travel.

Beef Team Memories: I made such great memories at the 2023 Beef Team Retreat at Kalahari Resort. All the people I met were wonderful and was also able to finally meet my Beef Buddy in person.

 Favorite Races: I enjoy the race series that Scally Wompus Events puts on. It’s easy to sign up for an entire series of races at once and they have also been good events for volunteering. I also like the energy of La Cruda 5k in Helotes, Texas. The race is held on New Year’s Day in the morning, but thankfully doesn’t start too early for those who may have been out celebrating late.

Training: Because I live out in Boerne, and along with my busy lifestyle, I find it hard to practice with the many organizations in San Antonio. However, I do work out on my own and the last few months I followed a couple programs that a Beef Team member, Rustie Johnson (FabandFitwithRJ) developed.

 Dream Celebrity Running Partner: This question is tough because I never really thought about it! I guess it would be Troy Aikman, as I have always found him very motivating. 

Pre-Race Food:  As I am driving to a race I usually drink a bottle of water, a mini Coke, and eat a peanut butter bar or peanut butter crackers. 

Favorite Running Song: I always start my race playlist with “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger.


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