Team Member Spotlight

January 2022

Amy Arnold

Amy Arnold from Cypress, Texas is a busy, self-employed professional; accomplished athlete who has completed three Ironman triathlons and numerous other races; and new mother. She and her husband Jonathan have an adorable and lively son, named Elliot, who turned one year old this month. 

“Just trying to figure out how to balance new mom life and my personal life was a challenge. Every time I thought I had a handle on a schedule, something would change. In addition to recovering from a C-section in January 2021, I had another surgery in July which disrupted training again.  Now, I plan to wake up early in the morning to get my training in first. And, I am working on being okay if that doesn’t happen and I miss a session here and there.”

Despite changing schedules and “toddler chasing,” Amy has still found enough time to train for and finish the recent Houston Marathon on January 16, 2022. 

I use TriDot training and my coach, Jessica Baxter to provide me my workouts and nutrition guidance,” she explains.  “However, I do most of my workouts solo, around my own schedule. Occasionally, I ride on Zwift (an indoor cycling app) at the same time as my husband or enjoy a training date with my Beef Team friend, Joanna Teitel.”


Amy started running in 2010 and added on triathlons in 2015.  “I started running my first year in teaching as a way to make friends with colleagues and it quickly became a stress reliever as I was finishing grad school. A couple years later, I got talked into doing the MS Valero ride and, soon later, triathlons.”


Amy is a professional organizer in the greater Houston area and started her own company in 2017.  She helps clients organize and redefine spaces they are unhappy with so that they may live and work effectively and with ease going forward.  One example of how Amy puts her organizational skills into practice on a personal level is cataloging her race memories and mementos. “I have a scrapbook for running and one for triathlon. I put any pictures, my race bib and swim cap in the designated scrapbook,” she says.

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Hobbies: Crafting, baking, and dog mom to two Corgis.

Beef Team Memories: I love the Beef Team cheering section at the Houston Marathon. Our group always makes the race enjoyable and makes me feel like a celebrity as I cross the bridge on Waugh over Memorial!

Favorite Race: The Houston Marathon/Half Marathon is a favorite.  I lived downtown for years, so running that race always feels as if I’m running through my backyard. I just love the route and getting to run through the different parts of the city.

Beef Cuts I Love: Tenderloin and New York Strip.

Favorite Beef Recipe: My husband makes a FANTASTIC Beef Wellington.

What I’ve Learned: The more marbling on beef, the better!

Race Reward: Depending on the goal, I try to get a massage or buy a new piece of gear.

Favorite Type of Race:  I like the smaller local tris the best. They feel a little more personal and I can sometimes podium at them and give my self-esteem a little boost. Ha!

Race Mantra:  I am inspired by the quote, “She believed she could, so she did.” My mom gave me a bracelet with that saying on it after I crossed the finish line for my first Ironman (Ironman Texas 2016).  It was a very challenging day. Not just the demands you would expect, but also a hail storm came through right as I was starting the run. The saying was just perfect for that moment and it has stuck with me since!

Race Fuel: I use Ucan for any longer workouts or races.

Favorite Gear: Saucony Ride has been my running shoe since I started. I also love my Injini socks. I’ve started running with a Stryd power meter and it is always fun to see that data.

Run Music:  HandClap by Fitz and the Tantrums.

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