Team Member Spotlight

June 2023

Jennifer Lamb

Jennifer Lamb from Houston is celebrating her 10th year on the Texas Beef Team, although she’s been running twice as many years.

“I started running in 2003 when my (now) husband, Brian, talked me into training for a full marathon.  I didn’t even know how far a marathon was – ignorance is bliss! But, once I started down the path, I couldn’t quit and I’ve been running ever since.”

“While I’ve only completed that one full marathon, I typically run multiple half marathons each year. In 2013, I ran 13 half marathons (13.1 miles) and I called it the ‘13 cubed’.” 

Jennifer appreciates how beneficial running is for her overall health, but reports to be primarily motivated on her running journey because she loves and appreciates her running community so much.

“I like to train with friends and see running buddies I’ve made throughout the years on race day,” Jennifer elaborates. “And, cheer when they get on the podium or accomplish a personal goal. I have several running friends in their 70’s and I am always inspired by them to keep at it!”

Another motivation to keep running is the feeling of accomplishment when crossing the finish line and that feeling of a “runner’s high.”  She also gets a rush from rucking, hiking, Pilates, cycling and weight lifting. 

“If I didn’t have to work or ‘adult,’ I would just work out all day. Also, interestingly, I seem to make better food choices, the more active I am. So, I stay as active as I can.”

“I grew up in a farming family in rural Kansas, where we had cattle,” says Jennifer “We also had dairy cattle, hogs, and even sheep at one point. I am grateful to have always been close to the source of good, wholesome food.”

Jennifer’s family still raises beef cattle and their freezer is always packed full of beef, making it easy to incorporate into her training diet. In a normal week, Jennifer relies a lot on Skirt Steak and Ground Beef to get easy meals, like meatballs or burgers, on the table. But she also loves a good Rib Eye or Prime Rib on special occasions. 

Family: My husband Brian and I have a 23-year-old daughter, Maddy, who lives in Austin. We also have four dogs (Lola, Rodeo, Spotz, and George) and try to get them all out for two to four mile walks every day. 

Work: Brian and I own a small business that provides solutions for secondary and hard to place bulk organic liquids, chemicals, and other materials.

Ranch Life Memories: So many memories were made and lessons learned. Both about the importance of hard work while also enjoying a good laugh. For example, one summer we were all showing livestock at our county fair and my aunt’s steer got away from her, running off down the road to the Dairy Queen in our small town.

Volunteering Outside of Beef Team: I volunteer for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, where I am Chairman of Agriculture Education and a committee member of Rodeo Run. I also volunteer for Theater under the Stars (TUTS) “Leading Ladies”.  (Editor’s Note: Jennifer was recently named Volunteer of the Year for TUTS.) 

Favorite Races: I love the Art Car IPA 5k in Houston because so many of my friends attend, parking is easy, the course is good, a fun post-race party and great swag.  I also enjoyed the Yosemite Half Marathon. The course was fast and beautiful and the weather was definitely NOT Texas!

Obstacles to Fitness:  I have had various “roadblocks” over the last 20 years, some lasted longer than others.  After we flooded in 2017 during Harvey, I completely stopped running. Thankfully, my running family stuck by us and provided so much help and encouragement during that time. Because of that, I eventually made my way back to the pavement!

Dream Celebrity Running Partner: Kid Rock. 

Pre-run Food: I have never been good at eating before a run or race. If I do anything, it’s just a simple toasted frozen waffle with no toppings.

 Best Running Tip Learned: Discovering the “runners lace” for my shoes! Google it.

 Currently in Training for:  Not training for a specific race right now. However, I’m considering doing the BCS Half Marathon again this year if my plantar fasciitis eases up.

Favorite Run Gear: I’ve been running in the Asics GT-2000 shoe forever. Tried a couple others here and there, but always right back to this one.

Favorite Quote: One of my favorites is “You just don’t let that rocking chair take over.  You get up and go even if you don’t want to.” Constance Reeves (A lifelong cowgirl who died at 101.)


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