Team Member Spotlight

April 2023

Larry Wallace

It’s hard to believe, but Larry Wallace Jr., a Beef Team member from Tomball has never run a marathon in the state of Texas. In fact, he’s only run two marathons to date, Big Cottonwood (in 2:50:01) in Utah and, most recently, the Boston Marathon just a bit over a week ago. He finished the iconic course in 3:05:40. 

It’s safe to say that Larry is a natural when it comes to running, although he started only two years ago and has just run a dozen or so organized races (as of yet)! 

“I originally started running to lose a little bit of weight,” explains Larry.  “I signed up for my first race (U of H 10K), but before the race even started, I was hooked.”  Now he wakes up and knocks out his training runs in the morning before work, although noting that sometimes these early morning runs alone can be a challenge from time to time. 

“But I want to show my kids, Charlie (14) and Makena (4) that if and when you set a goal, with a lot of hard work and determination, nothing can stop you! My kids have been on my Boston qualifying and training journey and were there when I crossed the finish line (or as my daughter calls it catching the unicorn)!”

Larry grew up around animal agriculture, raising show steers, heifers, and pigs and traveling all over Texas exhibiting livestock. “I made a ton of memories in the show ring and working out in the barn with my family. I look forward to getting my kids involved in animal agriculture as well,” Larry elaborates.

Today, Larry’s parents breed Angus cattle on their property in Sheridan, TX, where they also grow and cut hay. For the last 11 years, he has worked for Westway Feed Products, the largest liquid feed company in the United States. Currently he is in the role of Technical Services Manager where he oversees the company’s Formulation Team.  

With his experience in the industry, Larry is no stranger to the many benefits (and deliciousness) of beef. He favors Brisket and Ribeye, mentioning one of his favorite preparations is to start Ribeye Steaks with the sous vide cooking method and then finish off on a hot grill over direct heat.

“I incorporate beef into my diet five to six times per week to repair muscles after a long training run,” he reports. “I believe this has helped me become a better athlete and has allowed me to focus on recovery when I am not out logging miles.”

Read on to learn more about this member we’re proud to have on the team.

Fun Facts: 1) I was a Pole Vaulter at Stephen F. Austin State University for two years before transferring to Texas A&M. My PR was 15’1”; 2) We are a house divided during football season as my wife, Tiffany, graduated from the University of Texas; 3) I also like golfing, watching F1/NASCAR, and cooking (especially smoking different types of meats). 

Favorite Beef Sponsored Race: I thought the Art Car IPA in Houston was a fun event. There was a large turnout of Beef Team members and the post-race events were fun, with plenty to keep the kids entertained and cool cars to see and take pictures with.

Beef Facts I Share: Cattle are upcyclers, meaning they utilize the rumen to convert grass into high quality protein. It truly is the pure definition of sustainability! Also, Beef is an excellent source of protein that helps keep your body fueled and helps build and replenish your muscles.

Inspired By: I’m inspired by Eluide Kipchoge who holds the world record in the marathon. This guy is a beast. I enjoy watching him on TV as I aimlessly wonder how on earth, he runs a 4:40 avg mile for 26.2 miles. He ran Boston for the first time this year and it’s cool to say I was part of that field. I’m also inspired by Ryan and Sara Hall, world-class runners who are crazy athletic. I think it is cool how they are still able to remain so competitive at 40 years old.   

Current PRs:  

  • 5K: 00:19:46  
  • 10K: 00:40:21  
  • Half: 01:29:10  
  • Full: 02:58:01  

Favorite Race Distance: I enjoy the half marathon race the most. It’s a good distance and does not take the same toll on your body as a full marathon does.

Quote to Ponder: I don’t really have a favorite quote or mantra, but this one comes to mind: “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson. I feel like this describes the marathon. You can train for it and prepare for every possible thing to go wrong. Then there is that one thing you didn’t quite prepare for and you have to pivot!

Dream Celebrity Run Partner: I would have to say Will Ferrell. I think he is hilarious, and I think while running with him the time would go by very quickly!

Pre-race Food: I eat a piece of toast, banana, and a pack of Welch’s Fruit Chews. Then about 30 minutes before the race I drink an Advocare Spark.

Best Running Advice: Take it easy on your long runs. Should be ~ 1:30 to 2 minutes slower than race pace and make sure you are doing strength training. These two tips have been life savers as I have trained for my marathons.

Favorite Gear:  I think my favorite piece of gear is my Garmin Watch. I love that it keeps track of all my workouts and helps with guided paces. It really takes a lot of the thinking out of training. Once you have your schedule set it is pretty easy to follow.

Favorite Running Music: I like anything rock and roll. Classic rock for my easy runs and then something a little more upbeat for my speed training or the race!

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