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October 2022

LaChandra Doss (Richardson)

LaChandra Candy Richardson - Texas Beef TeamWith over 170 half marathon finishes in the books, it’s safe to say that 13.1 miles is LaChandra “Candy” Richardson’s favorite race distance. This 7-year Texas Beef Team member and attorney from Saint Hedwig, on the outskirts of San Antonio, shares that the half marathon distance is her favorite length of run because it is quite challenging but she can participate and still enjoy the remainder of the day unlike the full marathons and 50k races she has experienced.

Candy wasn’t always a runner. While she was a sprinter on the track team in middle school and high school, she didn’t become passionate about long-distance running until much later in life. After losing her infant son, Jaden, in 2007, Candy explains that she fell into a depression. “My next-door neighbor, who ran 3 miles every day, encouraged me to join her,” she elaborates. “Although it was a struggle mentally and physically at first, I was eventually able to run with her and eventually wanted to run farther.”

“Today, my continued motivation to run is a result of my inability to run for a significant period of time,” says Candy. “In 2010 I had an abdominal surgery that went horribly wrong. I had multiple abscesses and had to have another surgery to remove them, along with a lengthy healing process.  By the time I left the hospital, I had lost 30 pounds and needed to use a walker for mobility. I basically had to learn to walk and run again. So anytime I need motivation, I reflect back on that time and realize how far I’ve come.”

Read on to learn more about this inspirational teammate who is currently training for the New York City Marathon this upcoming November.

Family: I’m engaged and have two children from a previous marriage. Alexis, my 19-year-old, avoids me when I ask about joining me for a run. But, my 13-year-old son, Derrian, is my ride-or-die running buddy.

Other Activities: Traveling, reading, playing tennis, and volunteering at the local food bank.

You Might Be Surprised to Learn: I draw and have sold my artwork! 

Favorite Beef Team Memory: I enjoyed last year’s Beef Team Retreat; it was my first one!

Favorite Races: The E-dragon races in San Antonio are so fun.  The race director is a runner and always has awesome medals and great post-race food.

Favorite Cuts of Beef: I like Bone-in Ribeye and Tri Tip Steak. Big thanks to Jerry for the Beef Smoking 101 instruction!

Favorite Beef Dish:  Garlic-crusted Prime Rib is delicious.

What I’ve Learned about Beef: I’ve learned how protein-rich beef is and it’s an important source of iron. I’m a borderline anemic, so this information is important to me. 

Beef Team Love: The camaraderie and enthusiasm of our team is amazing!

Training:  Due to my hectic schedule, races are my training runs.  I generally will run with my Beef Team bestie Emma Dromgoole.

Personal Records: Finishing is a PR!

Pre-race Food: My go-to is a handful of Peanut M&Ms. Unconventional, I know, but it works! 

 Best Running Advice: Just keep moving forward!

Favorite Running Shoes: Brooks.

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