Team Member Spotlight

August 2022

John and Lorraine Wolfe

John and Lorraine Wolfe have been on the Texas Beef Team since 2015 and live in Odem, Texas, a town just 15 miles outside of Corpus Christi. When not working out together, cheering on their favorite football team (Dallas Cowboys), or traveling, John works as a border patrol agent and Lorraine is a second-grade teacher In 2010, Lorraine took up running as a way to stay fit and spend time with her friends running nearby races. The following year, John also embraced the benefits of running when he met Lorraine and they started dating and training together. “We were married almost 10 years ago at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, one of our favorite travel destinations and places we love to lose money,” jokes John. “Of course, we also ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon while we were there on the wedding trip.”

The couple says they “are inspired and motivated by each other” to exercise and take care of their health. “We push each other and keep one another from slacking off. Also, the comradery, opportunities and accountability from being involved in a group like Texas Beef Team helps us stay on track,” the two explain.  “Just finishing the races is good enough for us. But, when we want to reflect back on all that we have done, it’s rewarding to see our collection of medals displayed on the Beef Team medal hangers.”

During their tenure on the team, Lorraine says they’ve learned that “lean cuts of beef are really good for you and can be a mainstay to fuel an active lifestyle.” John adds “we love using the pit that Lorraine’s father made us to cook balanced meals such as steaks or fajitas with veggies.”

Read on to learn more about this fun Beef Team couple who has been training through the summer and setting their sights on a refreshing fall running season.

Favorite Beef Team Memories: We’ll never forget the first race we did as Beef Team members. It was the Austin Half Marathon and just having other members there to cheer everyone and give you that little extra pep was awesome! We also have enjoyed the pre-race dinners as a way to meet new members and reconnect with old friends.

Favorite Races: We love that the Texas Beef Team sponsors Beach to Bay in Corpus Christi. It’s close to home and tons of fun with a giant party at the downtown finish. Also, the Harbor Half Marathon in Corpus Christi is worth it just alone for the view while running over the Harbor Bridge in the morning. It’s such a beautiful sunrise!

Other Active Hobbies: We like gym workouts.

Favorite Race Distance: Our favorites are 5ks and 10ks.

Dream Celebrity Running Partner: John would pick the 1970s-era Elvis to run with while it’s Kevin Hart for Lorraine!!

Pre-Race Meal: Peanut butter and honey on toast with Diet Dr. Pepper!

Running Advice: Run your own race! Don’t worry about what other people are doing.

Favorite Running Gear: We both love Brooks shoes.

Running Pump Song: Lorraine’s first song on her running playlist is Thunderstruck by AC/DC! John’s first song is Flight of the Valkyries by Wagner!

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