Team Member Spotlight

July 2022

Cat & Eddie Trevino

Cat and Eddie Treviño, from Killeen, Texas, have a passion for being active outdoors together, hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, and even spurring each other on for a competitively-friendly round of frisbee golf. And of course, the pair loves running!  

This couple of 15 years is very much alike but just different enough to keep it interesting. Eddie reveals that “Cat has an adventurous spirit and is always on the lookout for the next mission. Cat mentions “Eddie provides the encouragement to take on the difficult challenges.”  

Eddie likes New Balance running shoes and energy gels for long runs, while Cat prefers Brooks and sticks with a banana and coffee. When it comes to beef, Cat is a Tenderloin fan and Eddie loves Ribeye. But they both agree that running a 5k and grabbing a beer afterward makes for a very great day!

Cat and Eddie have always been active, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they decided to join a run club in Beaumont. “We had friends involved in a running group who invited us to a run. We felt so welcomed and everyone was supportive. We started looking forward to running with the group and were immediately hooked,” explains Eddie.

In addition to the inspiration and enthusiasm roused by their community of running friends who have done “amazing things,” just signing up for a race keeps Eddie and Cat motivated to train, regardless of the circumstances. Case in point, Eddie’s next race up is the Habanero Hundred, a 100-mile relay race that starts at noon in the extreme Texas heat of August and he has been keeping up the miles in anticipation.

Read on to learn more about this inspiring couple we are proud to call Texas Beef Team members.

Hobbies: Eddie considers himself an amateur astronomer and likes rock-climbing and Cat digs gardening. The pair also volunteers at their local food bank.

Family: Eddie and Cat have six grandchildren and a dog named Katie who prefers walks over running.

Professions: Eddie is retired after a 38-year career at Dupont. Cat is a Nurse Practitioner who is in her final semester before earning a Doctorate of Nursing. She is also an officer in the United States Army. 

Favorite Beef-sponsored Runs: “I have a great memory of the Houston Rodeo Run in 2020,” says Cat. “We ran through downtown Houston and the crowd was so enthusiastic as they cheered us on! Plus, we met so many Beef Team members at that race.” Eddie mentions the Houston Race Series 2020 at Minute Maid Park. “It was a well-attended run through Houston streets and the first finish line pic in my Beef jersey,” he says. 

More Favorite Races: Eddie names the BCS Marathon 2021 as a stand-out memory for him. “With all the training involved, it was the most physically demanding run I’ve ever done,” he says. “My one and only marathon.” They also fondly remember a 10k they ran in Honolulu, the beautiful course along the coast was well worth the grueling elevation gain to get there.

Beef Team Memories: “We both loved the Smoking Beef 101 in Waco this year,” mentioned Eddie and Cat. “We enjoyed learning how to smoke a Tri-tip on a simple charcoal grill.” Cat also names the 2022 Texas Independence Relay as a memory she’ll never forget. “Our 12-person relay team ran 187 miles from Saturday to Sunday,” elaborates Cat. “We traveled in two vans and got to get closer to our fellow relay runners, all Beef Team members. I never thought I could do something like that!”

Favorite Beef Recipe: A steak grilled medium-rare over a smokey mesquite fire.

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