Team Member Spotlight

June 2022

Michelle Mohr

Michelle Mohr took up running in 2014 and her passion for the sport was apparent, completing her first full marathon (Las Vegas) that same year, along with six half marathons in six months!

She also had a passion behind the passion. “I had recently met Christian (also on Texas Beef Team) through a childhood friend who correctly thought we would be perfect together,” explains Michelle. “He was into running and coaching and, of course, I wanted to be a part of whatever he was doing. We married in 2015!”

Today, Michelle is a realtor living in Liberty Hill, Texas, but earlier in her life she was a middle school math teacher and competitive cheer coach. For nearly 20 years, Michelle led her group of teenage cheerleaders to take Arizona State and USA West Coast National Championship titles multiple times.

“I actually wasn’t much into fitness until I was 36 years old,” Michelle reveals. “I was going through a divorce and working out saved me from my thoughts and fears. It made me feel confident and strong.”

Michelle is always excited and pumped up for the races she has on the horizon. She and Christian travel outside of Texas for many of them and she calls that a “pretty big reward in itself.” Earlier this June, Michelle ran the Banff Marathon in Canada and is looking forward to the Disney World Marathon in January 2023.

In addition to the actual running, Michelle loves the social aspect of being on the Texas Beef Team and being able to support our hard-working ranchers. “I have made some amazing life-long friends from being in this group. I love the camaraderie, support and being an advocate for the beef industry.”

You May Not Know: 1) I was born in Japan; 2) I have four dogs; 3) I love to read and travel.

Beef Team Memories: I have such a fun recent memory volunteering with Diana Triana at the Capitol 10,000. She was dressed up in an inflatable cow costume and people lined up to take pictures with her during the race. Also, I have great memories with teammates from past Prime Cuts Retreats, especially the retreat in New Braunfels where I ziplined through the trees and hung out at the pool.

Favorite Races: In Texas, Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run in Austin is a blast. It’s a quick race, lots of people, and they have the best post-race food. I also like the Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon, and the Wear Blue Mile which touches my heart every time. It is amazing. Out of state, the Hood River Marathon in Oregon was very beautiful.

Staying Motivated: I had two stress fractures last year, finding motivation has been tough. I have to balance getting enough training to not get hurt during the race and not training so much that I get hurt again. It’s been rough, but I missed running and that keeps me going. Additionally, I have colitis which flares up during marathon training, so that’s always something I have to manage.

Inspired By: Honestly, I’m inspired by the everyday women that run after injuries, pregnancies, cancer and other obstacles. I’m inspired by the ones that finish, no matter how long it takes them.

Training Group: I train with Rogue Running Cedar Park and through that, I’ve made many friends that I train and run races with. We also just travel for fun together as well.

Favorite Distance: I think the half marathon is my favorite distance. I can still do other things and not train all day for long runs like a full marathon.

Race Mantra: Just one foot in front of the other, you can do this.

Running Advice: Trust the process, follow the plan, and you will be fine.

Favorite Running Gear: I love my Brooks Ghosts.

Pre-race Food: The night before I usually eat steak or a burger and on the day of the event, I try to eat carbs. However, I’m still figuring out what works with my colitis.

Beef Cuts: I’m always happy to have New York Strip and Tri-Tip.

Favorite Beef Recipes: Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak and Siracha Beef Lettuce Wraps are two easy and delicious dishes I love.

What I’ve Learned About Beef: Some cuts of beef are actually lower in fat than chicken plus you get extra minerals that your body needs.


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