Team Member Spotlight

February 2022

Airon Andrews

Airon Andrews of Austin, Texas has been a runner for 33 years. She is a program analyst by day and a Certified Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Run Coach in her spare time. Airon uses this training, along with her running background, to serve as the Run Lead at her local Life Time Fitness. She is also an ambassador for many races including CapTex Tri, Zooma Race Series and 3M Half Marathon.

“My interest in running started when my aunt took me along with her to run several races, including the Capitol 10,000 in Austin,” says Airon. “Through these experiences, I developed a strong interest in running, participated in track and cross-country in school, and then just kept it up.”

“My main motivation to run is to maintain my health and physical fitness,” explains Airon. “I also really like the medals!”  To date, she has completed one half Ironman, five full marathons, and countless shorter distances.

“Exercising provides me with stress relief and improves my mental health,” Airon elaborates. “Everything from earning virtual badges by completing virtual challenges, setting a goal like signing up for an in-person race and training to complete it keeps me motivated. During the pandemic, I joined the Ironman Virtual Club and completed all 36 virtual triathlon challenges including Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distances.”

While Airon also used this “down-time” to discover new running trails in Austin and train on a Peloton at home, she is thrilled that more in-person races are finally happening and that her running club at Life Time Fitness is meeting once again. Her significant other, Aaron Han, is also a Beef Team member and they enjoy running together and also participating in group fitness classes like Xtreme and AMP cycle.

Read on to learn more about this amazing lady we are proud to have on the Texas Beef Team:


You Might Not Know: 1) I was a contestant in the Miss Austin pageant; 2) I sang for the Queen of England with a group of children when she came to visit the state capitol in Austin, TX; and 3) I played the flute/piccolo in the University of Texas Longhorn band and often still play at Alumni and pep band games.

Beef Memories: I’ve been on the team for 8 years now and still enjoy having random people yell “Go Beef!” at me. Plus, I love the energy of the supportive Beef Team members at the various cheer stations. I also have enjoyed volunteering at the Healthy Kids Running Series and seeing all the children developing healthy habits.

Favorite Races: Austin Marathon is a favorite. It’s a city-specific race and so awesome to run through notable Austin landmarks. Plus, the hilly course is always a challenge. I also enjoyed running the Boston Virtual Marathon in 2021 to earn a unicorn medal.

Favorite Beef Cuts: I love Ribeye and Prime Rib.

Favorite Beef Dish:  Beef Fajitas are always a favorite.

Other Sports:  I enjoy swimming, biking, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and most competitive sports.

Favorite Type of Run:  My favorite run is the half marathon distance because it is the perfect distance for me to train for and run without my body getting too fatigued.

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” I picked this quote because you don’t want to miss out on opportunities in life because you are too passive or hesitant to take action.

Dream Celebrity Running Partner:  I would love to step back in time and run with Elvis Presley. I enjoy his music and hope that I would get serenaded by him on the run.

Pre-Race Fuel: I like bananas and Nuun Electrolyte Drink.

Best Advice: Consistency is key when training for a goal. Make sure that you have a plan and focus on your nutrition and hydration. Also stretching and maintenance is important to avoid injury.

Favorite Running Gear: My must-haves are Nike AlphaFly shoes and a SPIbelt for holding small things on the run.

Favorite Running Music: I listen to songs that are upbeat and have a faster tempo that I can match with my running cadence.

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