Team Member Spotlight

January 2020

Kim Wilson

She’s a realtor, a really cool mom, a roller-blader, and a rifle-spinning cheeseburger in the 2019 Prime Cuts Retreat talent show. If you don’t know seven-year Beef Team member, Kim Wilson of Austin, Texas, you need to find her at the next race or team event for a high-five. Her zest for life and team spirit are contagious!

Kim started running about 10 years ago as an escape for some well-deserved “me” time. “Once the kids got older,” she says, “I felt comfortable getting out and spending time running and biking. It was my therapy.” Today, Kim runs to “hang out with cool people” and is motivated by the social aspect within the Beef Team and larger running and triathlon communities. When asked about her racing philosophy, she says, “I just take a look at the Beef Team race calendar and sign up for what looks like fun.” Also, she mentions that another motivation for running is to keep her knees strong after breaking them both in a pedestrian-car accident in college.

Kim also has a unique hobby, she’s a blackjack dealer (and currently being trained in Craps) for The Casino Connection. Not only is it a fun side hustle but she gets to write off all her trips to Vegas! Also, in her spare time, Kim helps the Board of Realtors build houses for Habitat for Humanity. “I actually used to work in construction when I was a teen,” she says, “I can do plumbing, electricity, cement work, and stucco. In college I had my own painting business.”

Kim has two children who are both on the Beef Team, Roman who is 19 and at Trinity University, and Devin who is 16. When they can coordinate, the family enjoys spending time together running or biking at the Veloway. Read on to find out more about this modern-day Renaissance woman in her own words.

Three Things You Might Not Know: 1) I love costumes and I wear them anytime there is an opportunity. 2) I used to be an art teacher in Hawaii teaching native Hawaiian art. I can weave a palm fraud hat or basket. In Hana, Maui I had the opportunity to buy Woody Harrelson two six packs of beer. They were Guinness Stout and Steinlager. 3) In 4th grade I won an arm-wrestling contest, beating four classrooms of boys and girls. In middle school at lunch there was often a line waiting to try to see if they can beat me.

Inspired By: My dad is my inspiration. He is 75 and still wins. In the bike leg he will usually get first place overall. He can still ride 25 miles per hour! He always gets written up in the newspaper in his small Oregon town.

Favorite Beef Team Memories: Coming around the corner at the Cap 10K and seeing 30+ Beef Team members cheering for me! Wow! I love the support! It really gets you inspired. Also, nothing can compare to being on stage at the Beef Team retreat talent show! That was a bucket list check mark!

Favorite Races: The Fit Foodie 5K is my favorite race! I love all the booths with fantastic food, the cooking show and prizes. I also love going to the Spicewood Vineyards half marathon and 10K. It’s in December and the run is beautiful. They also have a costume contest where the top 5 winners get a bottle of wine. Girls dress as elves (I dress as Buddy the Elf) and boys are Santas.

Favorite Beef Cuts: Jerry taught me to make the Flat Iron steak. I love to grill that now that I have the inside knowledge. Of course, hamburger is also great. I love a good burger!

Favorite Beef Recipe: I make beef enchiladas just like my grandma made. She used to make huge trays for me and all my cousins.

What I’ve Learned: Before joining the beef team I believed the rumors that beef wasn’t healthy. I now have the info so when anyone bags on beef I have all the facts to combat their ignorance!

Post-Race Reward: I love a bath and a nap as my reward!

Favorite Event Types: I love the big triathlons and 10Ks in Austin. I love to see a huge crowd of people run downtown. It is just a fun ambiance.

Dream Celebrity Running Buddy: I would TOTALLY love to run next to Matthew McConaughey! I know he is out there running somewhere. I do know someone who goes to the same gym. I want to join.

Pre-Run Food: Before a race I have a bottle of beet juice. They say that it helps your blood flow and oxygen levels.

Best Running Advice Received: Someone once told me that longer runs weren’t harder they were just longer. I try to keep that in mind when I want to cut my run short.

Favorite Run Music: I love anything Lady Gaga. How can you slow down when you are listening to” Just Dance”?

Beef Team Appreciation: When I first started doing triathlons, I was sad that I didn’t have anyone to go with or anyone there for me. I was jealous of the people who had friends and family cheering them on.  It made me feel so alone. Ever since joining the Beef Team I know that I have best friends and support waiting for me at the race. You guys don’t know how much you all mean to me. I’m not lonely anymore. I love you all!!

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