Team Member Spotlight

October 2019

Christian Mohr

This month’s featured Beef Team member, Christian Mohr of Round Rock, is an accomplished runner and triathlete who also enjoys amateur photography. You’ve likely noticed a Beef Team clad spectator snapping hundreds and hundreds of photos of Beef Team members running or biking by in various events, or at least scrolled through a Beef Team Facebook album and thought, “Wow, who took these really good action shots?!” Good chance it was Christian, who many have come to call our “unofficial” Beef Team photographer.

Christian’s interest in photography was piqued years ago when a friend gave him an old DSL camera to “play around with.” Since then, he’s attended various photography seminars to learn the basics and also fine-tuned his skills by trial and error. “I really enjoy outdoor nature photography the best, but race day photography with Team BEEF is definitely a very fun and rewarding experience,” he adds. When queried on how to get a good race picture,” Christian says, “just remember that that no one needs to know how much the effort may be hurting you — when you see me or another photographer, just look up and smile!”  

Christian started running about 12 years ago as a healthy way to manage stress and get back in shape. “My dad had a lot of heart problems and high blood pressure, and realized I did not want these medical problems for myself,” he explains. Christian jumped into triathlons six years later to see how far he could take it in the sport. “I wanted to finish a full-distance Ironman Triathlon before I turned 50,” he explains, “and was able to accomplish that goal two years early. In that first attempt, I clocked a time of 13:30 and then set my sights on completing the next Ironman even faster – which I did by one hour exactly, in 12:30!”

Read on to find out more about this awesome dad of two young women, 22-year-old Ellyn (a nursing student) and 19-year-old Hannah (in Navy Mass Communications), and husband of four years to Michelle Mohr, a fellow Beef Team member.  

Things You Might Not Know: 1) I’m an Industrial Controls Programmer and program factory automation projects and municipal and industrial water/waste water treatment projects; 2) I enjoy woodworking as a hobby; 3) I have three dogs: Snickers, a 9 year-old chocolate lab; Ginger, a 4 year-old terrier mix; and Roo, a 2 year-old “holy terror.”

Favorite Beef Team Memories: At Ironman Wisconsin in 2015, I wore my Beef shirt on the bike and run.  All throughout the run I had so many people yelling “Go Beef” or “Where’s the Beef” or” Let’s Go Beef”!  Those cheers really helped get me through to the finish of my first full Ironman.  Also, the Prime Cuts retreat was also amazing; this was Michelle and my first year to attend and we can’t wait for the next one.

Favorite Out-of-State Race: I thought Ironman Arizona was an amazing event on a great course (except for the 60-degree water temperature) and had great spectator support — would definitely do it again.

Favorite Beef Cuts: New York Strip & Brisket

Favorite Beef Recipe: Pepperoncini Beef

What I’ve Learned About Beef:  Lean beef is actually very healthy and should be a part of every athlete’s fueling plan.

Beef Team Shout Out:  Being a part of Team Beef has truly been an amazing experience. The friends I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had, and the fun I’ve had racing and volunteering with Beef Team have been invaluable to my life.  It’s pretty amazing to be racing and hear “Go Beef!” from a total stranger or from another member racing along with you.  It’s also pretty amazing to be volunteering at a race and the volunteer coordinator and/or race director sees your Beef Team shirt and immediately puts you in charge of an area in need with total confidence, commenting that, “Beef Team has the best volunteers.”

My Motivations: Staying healthy and in shape. Pushing myself to see how far I can go is such an amazing feeling and beginning each morning by working myself to total (physical) exhaustion is a great way to start the day.

Training Group: I actually do most of my in-season training on my own. During the off season I swim with the Round Rock YMCA Masters Class and I run with Rogue Running Cedar Park.

Reward for Reaching Goals: Reaching a goal means it’s time to set a new goal. However, I do like to celebrate a race finish with a good Bloody Mary!

Other Active Interests: I like to swim, bike, run, and sometimes participate in group fitness classes like Camp Gladiator. Also, obstacle course races are fun.

Favorite Race Distance: I like the marathon distance because it’s easy to prepare for and also Half Ironman (70.3) because, even though it takes a lot of training, it is easier to manage than a full Ironman (140.6).

Favorite Race Mantras: “Pain is temporary, pride is forever!” I saw that on a sign around mile 18 of my first full marathon and just kept repeating it to the finish. Also, “I can, I will, I must!” A friend taught me this one before Ironman Arizona and it really helped me get through the race.

Pre-Race Fuel: Sweet potatoes

 Best Running Advice: Never, ever give up!

Favorite Running Shoes: Brooks Glycerin

Coaching: I am a coach for Rogue Running Cedar Park.  Being able to pass on what I have learned is one of the most rewarding feelings there is.

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