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May 2019

Adam Eiler

He has a pet leopard gecko named Godzilla and likes to play tennis and darts in his free time. But perhaps even more interesting to us runner-types is that this month’s featured Beef Team member, Adam Eiler, has recently (or is about to) nail some ambitious running goals. This professor and veterinarian from the Houston area recently accomplished his dream of running the “World Marathon Majors,” a series consisting of the six of the largest and most revered marathons in the world, with his finish at the London Marathon on April 28, 2019. Additionally, Adam is not stopping with this impressive running accomplishment, he’s also set his sights on completing a marathon on all seven continents of the planet, a goal that should reach fruition in 2020 at the finish line of the Antarctica Marathon.

Adam started running 10 years ago, as a way to get healthy and fit as he approached is 40s. “I realized my metabolism was changing and I couldn’t eat what I wanted without consequences,” he says. Adam began working out with a good friend and found the accountability and encouragement motivating. “Soon we decided to run a 5k for fun, and then immediately decided a marathon should be run before turning 40 years old. I became addicted from that moment and, because I’m competitive, immersed myself into racing.” Adam also adds that the encouragement of friends also got him hooked on triathlons, which he’s been competing in for about four years.

Adam, a self-described previous “couch potato” and “late bloomer” in endurance sports likens his running experience to fine wine, hoping that it continues to get better with age. If searching for him in the crowd of a post-race party, look toward the age-group podium because it’s good chance he’s earned a top spot there – in the past year he’s achieved PRs in the 5k (19 minutes) and marathon (3:14).  Focused on a continued lifetime of healthy living for himself, Adam mentions, “I’m completely inspired by the amazing individuals that are running at 70, 80, and 90 – keeping themselves active and healthy.”

The next big race for Adam is the Australian Outback Marathon in late July 2019. Read on to learn more about this inspiring runner who says he appreciates and thrives on the “comradery and enthusiasm of Beef Team members.”

You Might Not Know:  I was a valedictorian in high school and love riding roller coasters.

Active Hobbies:  I play tennis, volleyball (indoor and sand), swim, and golf (though I am terrible). I also bike and participate yearly in the MS 150 and have done Ragbrai (an annual bike ride across the state of Iowa) a few times.

Go-to Beef Cuts:  Pot Roast and Sirloin

Favorite Beef Recipe:  Beef and Noodles.  This is a childhood favorite that my mother would make.

What I’ve Learned About Beef:  By taking the grilling 101 session I have improved my skills at grilling – knowing the way to evaluate grill temp and how to prepare the grill properly.

Favorite Beef Team Memories: This happens at every race… the encouragement and motivational cheers from other member… “Go Beef!” along with the high fives. The Kingwood Marathon is a prime example since it is a loop course that goes out and back 4 times. You see the other runners multiple times and each time you get a cheer and high five.

More Beef Team Memories: My first experience at the Beef Team retreat. Such an amazing group of people – both the organizers and participants. Being able to interact outside of a race and form lasting friendships.

Favorite Races:  As for Beef Team sponsored races, it’s the BCS half marathon.  Well organized, flat and fast course, typically good weather, good post race festivities, nice finisher jacket, and lots of Beef Team support. As for other races, every marathon I complete becomes my next favorite race. I get asked often which is my favorite marathon. Each race has its own unique and special moments. I might be a little partial to the Athens Marathon since this was my first overseas marathon combined with the fact that it was in Athens, the birthplace of the first marathon. To run in nearly the same footsteps as Pheidippides and finish in the shadows of the Parthenon is hard to top. Having just run Boston for the first time was also a special moment. Given the history of this race and its iconic status, to make that final turn onto Boylston Street is almost surreal.

Training Group:  Most of my running is done individually however to qualify for Boston I joined in with a local running group called ATP which I believe was instrumental in getting me the extra push I needed to qualify.

Favorite Type of Run:  I enjoy half marathons since these are a nice weekend run with little recovery needed. With the distance I feel as though I have done a workout and got the endorphins released to get my runners high.

Post Run Reward: Blue Bell Bride’s Cake ice cream

Race Mantra: “Just Do It.” While I have certain expectations about my performance, in the end I really just want to be able to complete the race and do so without injury.

Pre-race Fuel: Before every half marathon and marathon I eat a Strawberry protein bar. For marathons I also down a shot of pickle juice in the moments before the start gun sounds. In the days leading up to the race I don’t have any specific foods that I seek out however except to avoid something I’ve never eaten before. This is especially true of my overseas marathons. I will try any food, however, the race has to be completed first.

Best Advice:  Learn to control your pace. Don’t worry about those that sprint past you at the start of the race; inevitably you will pass them later in the race as they have tired and you are maintaining your pace.

Favorite Running Shoe: Currently running with Saucony. I like the fit and feel; seem to have less discomfort with these for my long runs and have had fewer blisters and lost toenails.

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