Team Member Spotlight

April 2019

Kaitlyn Olson

Pretty sure we all have a few years, although maybe not miles, on this month’s featured Texas Beef Team member, Kaitlyn Olson. Kaitlyn, a seventh-grader from San Marcos, is only 13 years old, yet has completed an inspiring total of 13 half marathons along with countless other races in Texas around the country. She’s also been busy running with her middle school track team this year.

Outside of school, Kaitlyn runs with her 22-year old sister, Kathryn, and mother Deborah, a well-known face to many on the Texas Beef Team and in the greater running community. Kaitlyn started running more than four years ago to keep up with her mother and sister. Deborah recalls her daughter’s first race, “It was the Faith Run (San Marcos) in 2015 and halfway through the 5k she laid down on the road from being tired.”

Kaitlyn has come a long way since that first race, and her accomplishments come as no surprise considering her best running advice is to “Never give up.” She mentions that her first half marathon experience in 2016 was tough, “but I didn’t give up, I finished the race and got that shiny bling!” Kaitlyn recently set a PR of 2:30 at the Alamo Half Marathon just this March and hopes to run a full marathon someday soon with her running inspiration and sister, Kathryn.

Mom Deborah adds, “It makes my heart happy that she loves to run with us,” – and we couldn’t agree more. Read on to find out more about this accomplished young runner and inspiring Beef Team member.

Other Hobbies:  Dance, painting, playing video games and also performing the flute in the middle school band.

Favorite Races:  I like all the races in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series – they have the best medals!

Favorite Beef Team Memories:  The pre-race dinners!

Favorite Beef Cuts: I like sirloin and brisket, especially brisket!

Thumbs Up Recipe: I once made stuffed bell peppers myself, and they turned out pretty good!

Race Mantra: Get it done fast to get to the food.

Dream Celebrity Running Partner: It would be fun to run with Jay from Kubz Scouts (a YouTube star) because he’s a funny guy.

Pre-Race Food: Gels or Shot Blocks

Favorite Running Items: Gear by Infinite Alchemy

Best Running Advice: Never give up!

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