Team Member Spotlight

August 2019

Jocelyn Williams

Meet this month’s awesome Beef Team member, Jocelyn Williams from Katy, Texas. In addition to being a runner, this accomplished lady is an IT Trainer by profession. And, she’s also a voice actor who just may be the voice you are hearing in an education/training system, audio book, commercial, PSA, or video game! Jocelyn is also a mom whose healthy role modeling rubbed off on her son RJ, a freshman at Trinity University in San Antonio who enjoys running, cycling, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. It’s really rewarding to learn that RJ started way back as a Marathon Kid and later became a Beef Team Kid who has now transition to a full Beef Team member.

Jocelyn started running on and off about 12 years ago, with her first distance event being the 2008 Aramco Houston Half Marathon. “I got started in running to try something new and see if I could do it,” Jocelyn reports. She trained with USA-Fit-Katy for that event, but admitted she wasn’t very consistent or disciplined. “It was my cross-training activities like spinning, step aerobics and other group classes that really helped me make it to the finish line.” 

After this, Jocelyn didn’t do much distance running for quite a while. She rejoined USA Fit-Kay in 2015 as a “Walker” and then served as the Assistant Walking Coach the following year. Around this time, she also joined Beef Team. However, she didn’t transition from “walker” to “consistent runner” until after taking a nasty fall on black ice during a quarter marathon in early 2017. 

“The fall not only left me with a shattered elbow and fractured wrist on my dominant arm, but also made me realize that health and fitness had to be a priority. After a long recovery, which included a two-night hospital stay, two surgeries, and several occupational therapy sessions, I focused on distance running and dropped 50 pounds in the process. Since then, I’ve raced in countless 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, 10 Milers, Half Marathons, three full marathons, and even landed on the podium a few times,” Jocelyn elaborates.

Read on to learn more about this inspiring Beef Team member who is currently training for the New York City Marathon this November.

Two Random Facts: 1) I graduated from high school in Honolulu, Hawaii; and 2) Santita Jackson, daughter of Jesse Jackson and Michelle Obama’s best friend and godmother to Malia Obama, is one of my sorority pledge sisters.

Other Hobbies: I enjoy line dancing, reading, writing, theatre, and traveling. 

Volunteering Outside of Beef Team: I serve as a running coach for the Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA) Power In Motion (PIM) 5K program. I also serve as a race volunteer at my local 5K parkrun.

Favorite Beef Team Memories: The 2019 We Run Houston 5K (during Houston Marathon Weekend) was very memorable, hearing the cheers and encouraging shout outs from members at the Beef Team station was fantastic! They made me feel like a rock star! I also loved my first Grilling 101 event in 2016. My son RJ attend too. We came away with a wealth of knowledge about grilling and agreed that the steaks were the best we’d ever tasted!

Favorite Races: My favorite Beef Team sponsored race would be Houston Marathon Weekend. Lots of Team Beef members participate and our cheer and water stations are the best on the course! I also like the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa for a couple reasons. First, it was my first full marathon (11/2018) and first-timers receive a “First Marathon” bib and special finisher’s medal. I even ran an additional .3 miles to complete “The World’s Shortest Ultramarathon.  I also noticed that all runners and walkers are treated special and I received a hug and congratulations at the finish from the race organizer.

Two Beef Cuts I Eat Most: Filet and Ground Beef. I sure do love a good burger and tasty meatloaf.

What I’ve Learned About Beef: I’ve learned lots of useful tips about cuts, portion size, and preparation. 

Funny Non-Beef Team Member Comment: “Beef is probably the only meat that you eat, right?” No, I eat chicken, turkey, pork, and fish too!

Fitness Inspiration:  I’m inspired by other runners and walkers who are consistent, disciplined, encouraging, and willing to share their experiences.

Favorite Race Distance: My favorite is the half-marathon distance. It was my first distance event, and I’ve come a long way since that time!

Mantras: “Finish What You Start.” and “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Best Advice: The running advice I give is to be consistent with your training. Consistency makes a difference in your results.

Favorite Running Shoes: My favorite running shoes are the HOKA Bondi. I can count on them to go the distance, whether it’s a 5K or 26.2 miles!


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